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Pixel Skin Resurfacing Process

There are many advanced treatments out there for different skin concerns. I’ve always been scared to try lasers just because I am in between skin types III and IV on the Fitzpatrick scale meaning I have a good amount of active melanin in my skin which could easily hyper pigment and that is not what I want. I am also the type of esthetician that tries to use only clean and natural products. I decided that at-home exfoliation wasn't doing "enough" for my specific skin concerns such as the texture of my skin and sun damage (which we all have). The most effective way to get instant results are through advanced treatments so I tried the laser pixel skin resurfacing treatment. I explain what it is, pre and post care instructions, and my conclusion about the whole process.

(This is my first time doing a voice over - don't judge, I'm working on it.)

What is it?

My personal skin concerns are uneven texture, discoloration, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), acne prone, and enlarged pores. “Pixel skin resurfacing dissolves molecular bonds of the outer layer of damaged skin cells to reveal the smoother, tighter, younger-looking skin beneath. It removes the old layers of skin and stimulates the regeneration of new cells” ( Prolase medispa ). This is exactly what I experienced and I love it. Even after one session I noticed brighter smoother skin. I can feel the smoothness of the texture of my skin, especially since I wear makeup everyday my pores were rough and also slight pitted scarring from past acne picking – I know, I used to be a picker, aren’t we all?

I made a video on the whole process and how my skin reacted to the treatment. It amazes me how neat our skin is that it can repair itself that fast.

Pre-care instructions

This is the most important part before you get any type of laser treatment done is to make sure you discontinue the following AT LEAST TWO WEEKS BEFORE treatment: the use of any products containing AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) or BHA (beta hydroxy acids), waxing, chemical peels; these are all forms of exfoliation and you do not want your skin to have an adverse reaction from the laser due to poor pre-care. IF you are on any antibiotics discontinue one week before, this could slow down your healing process and cause damage to the skin if not discontinued. Other than that, your technician will go over any contraindications before your treatment. Highly suggest going to a consultation first to make sure you are a candidate for this treatment.

Post- care instructions and healing process

As you will see in the video, my skin was very red three hours post treatment which is normal. They apply the topical anesthetic cream onto our skin directly after each section of the face they treat to ease any discomfort. I really appreciated that because it started to feel like it was heating up after each section was done. However, I can say that throughout this whole process nothing ever was “painful” or “hurt” it was just mild discomfort. If anything, my skin felt very sore and tight. On day 2-3 my skin started to scab up and felt “lizard-like” which was kind of strange, but I trusted the process. On day 4-7 I could see the scabbing starting to slough off every day and new brighter/smoother skin would come through. I only used the hydrabalm , (an occlusive barrier and hydrating balm) throughout this whole week and washed my face with nothing, but water; and moisturized with nothing, but the hydrabalm.

I kind of got lucky that I am technically quarantined right now due to COVID-19 so I didn’t have to worry about going out and seeing people or putting makeup on. I've just been at home focusing on staying healthy, practicing self-care, and spending time with my fiancé.

I can’t stress enough that if you are a person who wears makeup everyday you might want to plan your week out to where you are not going anywhere fancy. It is important to keep your skin clean to prevent infection. I didn’t even start to wear sunscreen until day six when most of the scabbing had sloughed off.


I hope you found my pixel resurfacing process informative and helpful if you are interested in getting this treatment done. I’ve never had such an intense form of exfoliation and now I know this is what my skin needed all along. So, I encourage you to go to a consultation if you are not sure if this is the right treatment for you, and if it is then - great! I loved my results and will definitely get more sessions done for an even more flawless result. If you end up receiving this treatment or have any further questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send me a message.

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