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Find the Right Cleanser for You

Ever since becoming a licensed master esthetician I have seen a broad amount of all the different skin types and conditions. One of the questions I get asked frequently during a facial is, "What is the most important step in home-care?". In my opinion it is cleansing. It is the essential and most basic step in even trying to have clear and glowing skin. If you don’t cleanse the skin then the other steps you do won’t be as effective. It’s important to have a clean slate, and let all the other steps penetrate better into the skin. With that being said , another thing I’ve noticed is that probably 50% of people I‘ve worked on are either using the wrong type of cleanser or aren’t using one at all. That’s why I am here to educate you on the basics of choosing a cleanser.

First, you need to know your skin type.

- Dry




Think about how your skin feels mostly throughout the day. If you can’t figure that out grab a mirror and take a look at the size of your pores. The larger the pores , the more oil you produce in the area. The smaller the pores , the more dry or normal you’ll feel in those areas. If you are struggling to determine your skin type don’t overthink it , but maybe it’s best for you to go see an esthetician for a facial and they can help you.

Once you have figured out your skin type , now you can correctly choose which cleanser is right for you. There are many types of cleansers for specific skin types and conditions such as:


- Normal, Sensitive + Acne , Combo , Oily

2. Foam

-Combination , Oily +Acne

3. Cream

-Dry, Sensitive

4. Oil/Balms

-All skin types (not all skin conditions)

5. Milk

-Normal, Dry, Sensitive , Combo

6. AHA -Glycolic /Lactic acid

-Dry, Combo, Anti-Aging

7. BHA -Salicylic acid

-Oily, Congested+Acne

Pretty simple right ? Keep in mind this is just a basic list to help beginners start a skincare regimen. If you have more skin concerns you want to work on there’s a lot more to it, but start here and you are on your way to clean and glowing skin.

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