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12 Beauty changes to embrace during COVID-19 quarantine

Many of us used to be high maintenance with our beauty services before this pandemic, and to be honest it’s probably beneficial that we are taking this break from it all. I work in the beauty industry, so I know what it feels like to constantly want to keep up with your appearance especially when it makes you feel better to feel beautiful. I’ve been in quarantine since March 15, 2020 which is a little over a month. During this this time, I have really come to embrace the way I look and feel without makeup or doing too much to my appearance (other than skin care, of course).

We have nothing, but time right now to let our hair, nails, and skin live its best life.

1. Skip the nail polish

Let your nails be and skip the polish. I admit, I tried to do my own nails in the beginning of this situation, and it was a fail. However, I did end up trimming, filing, and moisturizing them. I used to get gel or SNS all the time which really made them brittle and thin so I appreciate this time to let my nails grow and heal naturally. My favorite conditioning oil is the essentials CND solar oil pen which hydrates and protects nails.

2. Let your brows grow

For all those 2008/2009 thin eyebrow victims this is your freaking time to shine. Ditch the tweezers, scissors, and let them grow. I was too a thin brow warrior, so I know how you feel, but I’ve never been so proud of these caterpillar brows for growing. I’ve used the Revitabrow conditioning serum and with consistency it has helped them to grow out. The key is to be consistent and do not pluck anything.

3. Perfect your skincare regimen

This is the time to figure out what type of regimen your skin needs and likes. Don’t overdo it but be more consistent in your regimen. Now you can’t say, “I don’t have the time”. You have time now. I could go on all day about this topic, but I have a skincare regimen blog post that can give you an idea on how to apply products in order. In short, I will say that you should have a cleanser, serum, moisturizer, eye serum (optional), and a mask to do once a week. Just like our bodies, our skin also thrives on routine.

4. Leave your lash extensions alone

As an esthetician/lash tech, I advise you to NOT pull out your lash extensions. That can damage your lashes and it hurts! Now is the time to just let them fall out naturally and give your eyes a break. Just like the hair on our head and bodies it has a hair growth cycle meaning the hair will fall out once it has grown out and new hair will grow. If you pull at it, you could damage it leading to no hair growth at all. Just be patient and good things will come. If you are interested in lash growth serums I have also been using the Revitalash conditioning growth serum every night and my lashes have grown so long since quarantine started. I’m impressed and highly recommend it – be consistent.

5. Focus on your eyes

This is the biggest concern area most of my clients ask me about. It really has to do with your internal wellness. If you have puffiness then you mostly have fluid that needs to be drained. If you have dark circles, you are lacking circulation under your eyes and face. My tips for these concerns are to apply a hydrating or anti-aging serum to the area and massage them with a jade roller, gua sha board or a cool spoon in an outward motion. The same thing applies for the face; always go in upward and outward motions around 5-7 times in one section and move to the next. Also, drink lots of water after you do this because you just performed lymphatic drainage which drains out fluid and toxins.

6. Take care of your feet

I don’t like feet- I don’t even like my own. If you are someone who gets monthly pedicures, then you probably feel annoyed about your feet right now – so do I. I feel like I can’t reach my feet like I used to because I haven’t needed to since I started getting pedicures. Also, my feet have been so dry that I’m embarrassed to go barefoot. Luckily, I had one box of Babyfoot peel laying around and it restored the skin on my feet. It is literally a chemical peel for your feet. You wear it for one hour while you do laundry or watch one of your favorite shows, and then rinse it off. Just be careful when you wear the booties because you could slip (I like to wear fuzzy socks over them to have more control when you walk, but to be safe don't walk around for an hour ). Your skin will peel - mine did for about 5 days in total , but you just need to keep it really hydrated and it will be baby skin smooth.

7. Don’t use heat on your hair

This is the perfect time to let your hair live naturally without using any harsh chemicals or heat. Shampoo your hair once a week (or twice a week if you have an oily scalp) let the natural oils work its magic. Also, use a hair mask if you have color treated hair or damaged hair due to heat. My favorite hair mask is the Kérastase Masque Force Architecte Hair Mask which I have been using religiously for two years now. It smells good, gives so much shine, and feels silky smooth. If you aren't able to buy anything right now you can also mix a avocado oil, coconut oil, and castor oil cocktail mask. The longer you leave it on the better.

8. Ditch your razor

As you know, I do skincare and waxing. I see a lot of clients who come to their appointments for the first time and had previously shaved. I realized so many people get ingrown hairs and if you suffer from them anywhere on your body or face this is a good time to give your skin a break. Try to exfoliate with an enzyme (on the face) or a fine scrub (on the body) where you get ingrown and let it heal.

9. Take a break from makeup

For me, this was a weird one. I wear makeup every day because I am in the beauty industry and I’m used to seeing myself with it on. Since being home it took a little getting used to, but I have embraced my natural beauty. This is also a good way to prevent clogging your pores even more. Do a face mask and exfoliate every few weeks to keep your pores clean along with your skincare regimen.

10. Get the beauty sleep you always wanted

This is THE time we have all been complaining about and it is finally here for us to embrace. Try to sleep in a little longer than you are used to. If you don’t need an alarm, then let yourself naturally wake up and you will feel so refreshed. Take this time to let your body rest and relax to the fullest.

11. Wear loose clothing

For some of you who like wearing fitted clothing or wear a uniform every day , like I do, take this time to let your body breathe. Forget wearing a bra instead, wear a big t-shirt and sweatpants. Our bodies aren’t meant to be squished so, embrace the comfort of wearing what I like to call, “bum clothes”.

12. Eat real food (in moderation of course) and hydrate

This one is probably the most important. Our internal wellness reflects our external. This is the time to learn new recipes and cook for yourself or loved ones. Embrace that you might not need to pay for lunch at work every day. Now you have time to meal prep and focus on yourself. Also, drink plenty of water (your skin will thank you). Stay hydrated and healthy. The last thing you need is a compromised immune system during this tough time.

Embrace in your natural self!

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