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Men need skincare too!

I never understood why advertisements about skincare are not as diverse in sexes. Men definitely NEED and LIKE skincare just as much as women - they have skin too!

They have thicker skin than women by about 25%. They also have coarse hair on their face. That being said, most likely they have more oil production in those areas in general. As an esthetician, the most problematic areas I've seen on my male clients are in their beard and neck. This can be caused by shaving which can cause ingrown hairs to occur. It's important to shave in the right direction and choose the right razor for you.

Sebum can get clogged in our pores especially in people who sweat a lot. It's important that both men and women get monthly facials specifically for professional extractions and higher quality products that penetrate deeper in to the skin. I have also noticed that men like a simple and easy routine. I usually recommend two to three steps at most.

  1. Cleanse

  2. Moisturize

  3. Exfoliate (optional) 1-2x/week with a very fine scrub - if they don't shave often

Most of my male clients of all ages have expressed that they only use, "whatever my wife has in the shower " or the worst- dish soap. This may be because they are most likely uneducated on what to buy when they are in the store. They are definitely interested in skincare, but might be shy to buy their own products in public without professional help or even alone. My fiance has definitely learned a lot through me and he has improved his skincare routine tremendously.Normalizing skincare routines for men in society needs to happen more. Going to the barber to get a shave and a hot towel on the face won't do it justice because for both men and women it's about what you do at home consistently that will give you results for healthier skin. Enjoy this video of me performing an at-home facial for my fiance. Thanks for visiting!

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